Services our event provides

Before event

VISA request

Hungary is the member of the European Union. If you are coming from outside the EU you might need a VISA. We would like to have one contact member for each country or community to handle invitations necessary for VISA requests youtube videos from your phone. We announce all contacts here. We are happy to send you an invitation before you register. For more information look for your contact! We use the following template. Please check, update and fill out the highlighted parts, add the list of participants and send it to us electronically. We will print, sign, stamp it and send it back Nicodong. We can send it back electronically (scan and e-mail it) or printed (to you or the embassy). Please ask for printed versions only if it is necessary. If needed, we can change this to meet the specific requirements of the Embassy or dancers in question.


We use Art’Otel for our talents 무료 워드 다운로드. It is a 4-star hotel 50 meters away from our lovely boats. We have made a deal with them so we can provide you special prices! For more information on Art’Otel and how to book it click here!


Hosting: a local dancer hosts you. It is free. It’s a great way to meet new people and get to know the local culture 제플린 파일 다운로드. There are some problems regarding this option at Lindy Shock:
  • Only a small part of the participants are local dancers. This means even if each and every local dancer hosts 2 dancers from abroad we still could not host most of you.
  • Many local dancers rent their home and they are not allowed to host.
  • Many local dancers live in the suburbs meaning over 40 minutes traveling time and taxi usage during the night Minecraft 0 8 0 apk.
  • the few dancers able to provide accommodation usually host friends they meet at previous events so as organizers we have less opportunity to connect needs and possibilities.
That is why there is no organized hosting 🙁 If you would like to get hosted uses the Facebook page of the event. Give some details in the comment box (want to get hosted by someone, whether you smoke, languages spoken, any special requirements, …) Download Bible Music. Of course, we do our best to motivate local dancer to host you! Note: many local dancers make up their mind in September or later.

During event


There is an organized lunch and dinner every day when we have classes. Check the schedule for serving times! Meals are served on the Európa boat. Each time meals are served for about 90-120 minutes.

Type of meals provided

  • Meat or vegetarian meals – both for lunches and dinners John the ripper.
  • You can select Vegan and lactose-free as an option when you order meals on the registration interface. If we receive enough requests we will provide these options.
  • Sizes: normal and extra
  • There will be 3-4 different types of meals every day to choose from. There is no menu that we can show you in advance Windows Player.

Ordering and prices

  • You can pre-order meals for 4 days on the application interface before the event starts. Based on the orders received Európa boat will plan the amount of food they will prepare. So we will have a limited amount of meal tickets available to sell on the spot. We advise you to order it in advance.
  • On the spot, you can buy 1 meal or a 4 day pass 알 수 없는 출처 다운로드. You cannot order or buy vegan and lactose-free meals on the spot probably!
  • No matter how have you ordered meals, you have to pay for your meals in cash when you arrive.

Snacks & water during classes

During the day at some of the classrooms, our receptions will sell snacks and water Best download. However, we cannot sell at all the classrooms because of legal issues. The Bar of Europa boat will be open all day where you can buy drinks, for example cafe.

Meals during the parties

Bar on the boat will be open till we dance (or until they drop out). After long dances, we all need energy. At the bar you can buy:
  • Hot meals
  • Fruits
  • Chocolate bars
  • Sandwiches / cakes
  • We do our best to provide you food till 6AM every day
  • Cheap water and many other drinks
  • We have a bar on both Európa boat and Sofie boat

Vintage shopping

During the event, you will be able to buy Lindy Shock merchandise, dance shoes, dance clothes, accessories. The shop is situated on the boats. More info during summer! shop


You can order Citytaxi at the reception. You can also order them on the phone (+36-1-2111-111). BEWARE: get only in taxis with the clear sign on it (for Citytaxi: company and Vodafone signs) and ask the driver about the name you’ve ordered the taxi for. Otherwise, you might end up in a “pirate” taxi and pay double+ price!!! Also, always order a taxi on the phone and do not stop one in the street. Lindy-Shock-A6_JAV

After event