In seven days we provide you with a big variety of activities. Prepare to replace your sleep with you and happiness for a whole week kuf! The detailed schedule is usually available 1 month before the event starts. Click here for a general concept of the schedule based on previous years Durian download!

Classes on every level

The size of the event makes it possible to create many groups so there will be a good level for you Clear Gothic download. Usually we end up with the following levels, each divided into more groups:

– Intermediate

– Intermediate-advanced

– Advanced

– Advanced plus

– Invitational

Social dance

We would like to create the perfect environment for social dance 샌 안드레아스 다운로드! Without interrupting. Without stopping it too early. 3 dance floors wait for you with the best bands & DJs!

Evening talks

Our experts share their views on dancing, music, culture and many other areas Download the boycott poster. Most years we have a specific topic our talks are focusing at.

Live music

Live music gives us something extra that makes our night unforgettable 라송 mp3 다운로드!

We provide you live music every night – most of the time 2 different bands will entertain you!

Pre and after party

Why would we stop dancing 영화 몽타주 다운로드? Come earlier, leave later – we wait you with our unique boat & live music!

Fine tune the dance course to your needs 오픈오피스 다운로드!

You can have daily 1-7 classes based on what type of classes do you sign up. You can schedule your day to start 11 or as late as 18.

– Normal classes between 11:00-16:00

– Taster classes between 16:30-17:30

– Evening classes between 18:00-20:00

Cruising on the Danube

Our boats are capable to cruise on the river Download Anaconda Python 3.6. We will pass in front of central Budapest at the time when every building is floodlighted. While we cruise music & dance still goes on!

Running on the top deck 굿모닝 프레지던트 다운로드!

Hard to describe and tell you why is it one of the highlights of the event. Should be on your bucket list!


Even though the event is not focusing on competitions you can catch some top-level moment between your social dances. There are usually 2-3 competitions spread out to several days.

Unique moments

They are unpredictable, far from planned. We guarantee you that you will miss most of them. Still, you will eye witness lots of special moments you will remember for years!