Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the official language of the event?
    Each class, signs, MC announcements, event booklet is fully English.
  • Can you tell me more about levels to help my choice?
    Here is a short description of the levels:
    Intermediate: You dance for around a year. You have more and more figures. You have some ideas how to lead / follow them and most of the time it works. You feel better and better dancing for medium tempo. You can react for major musical stops. Sometimes you try fast music however it is still challenging. You can dance with unknown dancers with less and less leading / following errors.
    Intermediate-Advanced: You dance for around 2-3 years Nintendo Switch Diablo 3ed. Your dance connects to the music more and more. You have a good variety of figures. You can lead / follow clearly, you add some improvisation. Your dance show the change of the music. You can handle fast music.
    Advanced: You dance for more than 3 years. Your life is filled with lindy hop. Classes, camps, parties. All the time. You have musicality. You have no problem leading, following, making improvisation, dancing for really fast music. You cannot count how many moves you know. You can express musicality, mood.
    Advanced plus: You are talented. You practice regularly. You work on small details of your dance. People watch you dance. You have your definitive dance style that makes your dance different.
    Invited-only: You are really well known dancer 스파이더맨 게임 다운로드. Your dance & style has already affected the dancing scene in Europe. Special rules applies here.
  • Do partners have to register to the same level?
    No, they can choose different levels. Most of the time we can balance out the levels. In special cases, it won’t work however we contact those involved and try to find a solution.
  • Do partners have to choose the same package?
    Depends. Sometimes we can accept them (for example one of them going for classes during the day, the other in the evening). In other cases, it won’t work and we contact those involved and try to find a solution.
    Usually, you can have difference in the following parts: pre and after party, taster classes. Usually it’s getting complicated that only one of the partners taking specific classes of parties.
  • Is it possible to buy a pass for one night only TotoDisc?
    No, we sell only full pass. However, you can buy a separate pass to the pre and afterparty.
  • Is it possible to buy party pass on the spot?
    No, we do not sell party passes on the spot.
  • You have two type of ball passes. What is the difference?
    Normal Ball access is valid for the entire duration of the Ball.
    Late night Ball access that is valid from 1AM till the end of the Ball. It means that you miss most of the program happening on that day but you can still social dance for 5-6 hours! In case we sell lots of late night tickets we will organize additional programs (like competitions, live bands, performances) that take places after 1:00.
  • If I participate classes, do I have time for the organized meals? 
    Yes, we make sure that the schedule of classes and meals are matching 삼국지 5 황금판 다운로드!
  • Who can attend taster classes?
    Neither main classes or parties include taster classes. You have to sign up for them separately during registration. You can add them later, even at the event!
  • Is there any Dress code?
    We do not have any official dress code. We do not have a costume party. You can dance all night in your favourite jeans!
    However, most people dress up nice for the evenings. In case you have the possibility and you are happy to take the extra steps we would encourage you to dress up in 20-40s style for the balls!
  • I have an account from the previous year.  My e-mail address has changed. What will happen now?
    It is possible to change your e-mail address. Login to your User Account where you can change the e-mail address.
    In case you have lost your access to your previous e-mail address you have to create a new User Account 소우주 다운로드.
  • Can I register someone else? Can I ask someone to register for me?
    Yes, it is possible. The participant who administrates more registrations should use his / her e-mail address for all separate registrations. Later the e-mail address can be changed if necessary.
  • Do I need a partner or a team for registration?
    No, it is NOT mandatory to have one. However, you have higher chances to avoid waiting list if you have a partner or you are a team member.
  • How can I join a team?
    Someone creates a team, it does not have to be you. When you register you can choose form the list of existing teams. This is the way to join a team.
    In case the team is not created yet when you register you can modify your registration and add the team later.
    If you create a team you will be automatically part of it and you cannot join another team.

  • I’ve sent my registrations days ago. Nothing has happened. Why?
    Usually organizers will do their best to answer all registration requests within 3 days 원자시계 다운로드. Sometimes organizers are not available for a while (for example being countryside without internet access): we try to announce these periods on the web page. Most of the cases you have not received an answer because of the following reasons:
    • in your registration, you have a partner added. We have not received your partner’s registration. We answer all such regsitrations when we receive both partners’ registration. Ask your partner whether he / she has sent it already.
    • in your registration, you have a team added. You team leader has not accepted your registration. We answer all such registration when your team membership has accepted you. Ask your team leader whether he / she has accepted you.
  • How do you order the registrations received?
    Generally, we order them based on

    • the time we receive the application (not ordering them based on the time user account was created, or the time your team leader has accepted you),
    • package registered for,
    • levels,
    • dance role,

    As some of the information we use for ordering is dynamic, it is possible that your place in the waiting list will change up & down Jim Salabeam.
    It is possible that someone will be put on the waiting list while someone else – who send the application later – will be accepted because he / she has a partner or is a team member
    Some people could bring over
    application from the previous year – they also get some priority.
    In the long term, we could create a balanced and enjoyable event with the help of this ordering concept.

  • Do the classrooms have wooden floor?
    We provide wooden flooring in all classrooms. In case the classroom has a different floor we lay down wooden flooring for the event!
  • How can I move between classrooms? Do I need to use public transportation?
    All classrooms are in within walking distance. During planning the detailed schedule we take into account the distances of the classroom, time needed to move between them, and time for lunch, so you do not have to rush for classes.
  • How do you choose your teachers?
    We hire staff who excel at teaching. We are not looking for the most famous dancers, the cheapest ones, the best friends 동영상 공유 다운로드. We are looking for the best teachers. Also, we are selecting teachers to create a great group of teachers as they have to provide the students a balanced but also varied set of classes – together.
    It is possible that we mess it up. We ask your opinion after the event and based on your feedback we fine tune our list of teachers. Over the years we have created our core teachers team who provide excellent classes for you!
  • Why don’t you have more competitions and performances when so many good dancers visit your event?
    We are true believers of social dance. We do our best to provide you the best environment for endless and undisrupted social dance. Even if it means less competition or performance.
  • Why 5-7 days? I do not have enough vacations
    To become better in a subject you have to do it a lot. It is said that you have to dedicate 10000 useful hours to master something Turbo c. We believe that a weekend is not enough for a noticeable improvement in your dancing knowledge. So Lindy Shock is a 5-7 day long event: in our opinion, this is the least amount of time one needs to totally focus on one’s dancing and improve. Also, you need this amount of time to forget about your regular life and fully get into the mood of the event. Lindy Shock might drain your vacation time, energy & purse, however will provide you unforgettable memories.
  • Your rules about registration, transfer of registration and cancellation seems very strict. Why? It is just a dance event.
    You are right. We are very strict and conservative when we plan and organize Lindy Shock University. This is the price of the unforgettable experience for all of you during the days of the event.
    Over the year we have seen practices and situations that could ruin the overall experience of the event. Our goal is to provide all our participants the same high-quality service 컴퓨터 포토샵 다운로드. The only viable solution (we have found till now) is that we strictly control the crowd getting to the event.
  • I’ve found some strange/fancy expression on your website. Is it a special event?
    We would like to create the feeling of a university, so many times we use expressions you might meet at universities. Still, it is a regular dance event with classes and parties. However, most of us would argue the “regular’ and would use “special” 🙂